Join up and Translate

We need help translating Eficas and ASTK into multiple languages. All you need to do to help is download the template "messages.po" file and be able to read either French or English. Simply replace the English strings with your chosen language and submit the "messages.po" file for inclusion. Upon approval the file will be formatted into binary form with (msgfmt) and included into the application. We suggest using Kbabel or POEdit. Emacs in POEdit mode works great too.

Submission Guidelines

During submission please include your name and email address so that we may give proper credit. Please edit the *.po template files header to reflect yourself (or person or team that assisted) in the translation. Also please include version history (if applicable) and, if you've modified an existing language *.po (available from the Downloads) please append the Changelog accordingly. Naturally, you also need to state what language you've translated for. ;-)