This site is a hub for Code_Aster users in English. Code_Aster is a powerful, extensible Finite Element Analysis application developed by EDF R&D and released under the GPL. This software includes a very powerful and wide range of capabilities.

Further our team is leading an open initiative to add multilingual capability to EFICAS and ASTK. Our branch of the code makes virtually no core changes to the applications functionality, we merely wrap strings and messages with gettext and provide translations.


June 01-2006 | Quick Update
Here is a first release of the messages.po needing translation. This is no where near the complete file, but it puts a dent in the largest part of the project.

May 24-2006 | Overload
So much to do, never enough time to do it.
1 Early Screenshot added of Eficas here.
For those wanting to discuss this project, feel free to contact me with email at "depthcharge at cox.net" or using the forums provided by Sourceforge. For those coming from the CAELinux site, I frequent those forums as well. However, for ease of use and to not abuse the CAELinux site's resources, please use the email or Sourceforge method for contacting me.

On another note, has anyone had trouble with having OpenFOAM installed and then attempting to build SoQT (from http://www.coin3d.org)?

May 16-2006 | Progress Underway
Woohoo, new monitor came in. How wonderful it is! Anyway, progress is slowly moving forward. Need some help making the changes to the required files. Translators are also needed! In the next few days, I'll get everything into CVS.


May 08-2006 | Monitor Failures
Eh, my workstation CRT monitor has died. Well, horizontal control circuit has anyway. Waiting on schematics for it and I've already ordered a replacement (new LCD). Parts should be in by the end of the week. Sadly, I hadn't uploaded the changes to CVS and my spare monitor is loaned out and I refuse to pull the 15" CRT out of the server closet until it fails! Too hard to get in and out! I'm currently writing this from my Laptop, but it doesn't have Code_Aster installed (working on resolving that). Needless to say, this will delay the first patch/archive release a bit.


May 07-2006 | Site Online